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“Belvedere Management, LLC provides its Customers with a great variety of property management services delivered in the most professional and timely fashion including janitorial services, billing, accounting related services, estimates, scheduling and assisting at the required inspections, and providing emergency response 24/7.

We always strive to maintain high quality service at the lowest possible price. Belvedere Management, LLC and its employees are covered by workers compensation and liability insurances.

  • Collecting common charges (payments available by check and direct deposit), sending out invoices, making deposits to the building bank account and handling delinquencies in common charges payments
  • Maintaining separate accounts for operating and reserve funds
  • Handling expenses (both recurring and one-time)
  • Providing monthly financial statements that include balance sheet, profit and loss, bank statements, trial balance and open invoices for common charges
  • Super for the property who will clean common areas, segregate and remove trash, replace burn out light bulbs and do minor plumbing and electrical repairs
  • Super will be employed by Belvedere Management, LLC which will be responsible for his salary
  • Free estimates for repairs and construction work and coordinating job specifications between the association and contractors upon request
  • Dedicated property manager assigned to the buildings
  • Two 24/7 emergency contact phone numbers
  • Prompt response to board members and residents’ phone calls and emails


  • Managing compliance with applicable Federal and State statutes as well as New York City Local Laws
  • Assistance in carefully negotiating necessary legal undertakings required in residential property management
  • Monitoring energy consumption and evaluating efficiency
  • Conducting frequent inspections that result in efficient building operations that are compliant with applicable, updated and new building and fire codes
  • Communicating proactively with the Board of Directors and Building Residents including organizing and participating in annual board meetings as well as community meetings
  • Assisting the Board with setting budgets and managing cash flows, management of cash reserves and CPA services (additional cost may apply)
  • Maintaining a complete file of all legal documents
  • Obtaining the best possible insurance coverage for the association, handing payments, claims and settlements
  • Monitoring monthly maintenance of the elevators, Category 1 and Category 5 testing
  • Access to additional services provided by our other companies (real estate, mortgage brokers, etc. at discounted rates”

Belvedere Management LLC provides a wide range of building upkeep and maintenance services including but not limited to:

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